Our facilities are located in the Santana Business Park, in Linares (Jaén), an area traditionally dedicated to the automotive industry (Santana Motor), although currently it has diversified its activities into other metal-mechanic subsectors.

The entire surface of our facilities covers 15.900m2, including a 7.500m2 production facility and 600m2 of offices. The rest is occupied by the sidings (five 100m tracks) including a ferry with capacity for 130 Tn, enabling access from the entrance of the sidings to the production plant.

Our team
Our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced workers. Being located in the Santana Business Park and our proximity to the Scientific Technological Campus of Linares, enables us close access to highly experienced and qualified professionals who guarantee the quality and innovation of our solutions.

The main goal of Castulo Technology is to offer safe, reliable and high quality products and services. Castulo Technology puts a strong accent on the continuous improvement of products and services, which can only be achieved through the training of our staff.

Castulo Technology is committed to environmental policies and sustainable development. This is why we train our staff in good environmental practices, a responsible use of resources and waste management. This industry counts on an Integrated Environmental Assessment approved by the Andalusian Government.

guion Integrated Environmental Assessment